Antioch Smog Check Test Only Center ...... STAR CERTIFIED ($29.95 SMOG Special)

1800 A St, Antioch, CA 94509 Tel: (925) 754 9999

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Welcome to Antioch Smog Check 

We are a Test Only Smog Check station in Antioch, CA. We are STAR CERTIFIED and are licensed and operating under State of California Enhanced Smog Check II program. 

Our station has the latest and most up to date emissions testing equipment to ensure accurate testing of your vehicle and instant transmission of results to DMV.


We are running a special promotion for $29.95 (plus $8.25 cert). For 1995 and older vehicles EVAP Testing fees may apply. We certify all vehicles for DMV including regular smog checks, out of state vehicles, test only directed and change of ownership. Please print this page with the coupon and bring to our shop. No appointment needed and you should be in and out in 20 mins or less. Serving customers in Antioch, Oakley, Brentwood, Pittsburg, Concord areas.

We can help if..

- you need a smog check to renew your vehicle registration [biennial]

- you're selling or buying a car and you need a smog check [change of ownership]

- DMV referred you to a test only center for your smog check[test only/gold shield]

- you've moved to California and need to register your vehicle [out of state]

- your vehicle failed before, has been fixed and needs to be certified [gross polluter]


Things to know..

- we guarantee you the best price and we will match/beat any competition's price

- you'll be out in 20 minutes or less

- work hours are Monday-Friday (8am-6pm), Saturday (9am-5pm), Sunday (10am-3pm)

How to find us..

We are at 1800 A St (A St and 18th Ave) inside Gas of America gas station
and next to Grocery Outlet and across from Wendy's

Click on the link below to get detailed driving directions or call us at (925) 754-9999

Link to Google Maps for Antioch Smog Check


  We provide smog check, smog test, star certified, star program, diesel and gold shield test only inspection services in Alameda County and Contra Costa County cities and zip codes below: 94606 Oakland, CA 94555 Fremont, CA 94607 Oakland, CA 94609 Oakland, CA 94608 Emeryville, CA 94605 Oakland, CA 94603 Oakland, CA 94602 Oakland, CA 94546 Castro Valley, CA 94550 Livermore, CA 94604 Oakland, CA 94551 Livermore, CA 94617 Oakland, CA 94615 Oakland, CA 94618 Oakland, CA 94620 Piedmont, CA 94619 Oakland, CA 94614 Oakland, CA 94611 Oakland, CA 94610 Oakland, CA 94552 Castro Valley, CA 94613 Oakland, CA 94612 Oakland, CA 94557 Hayward, CA 94536 Fremont, CA 94537 Fremont, CA 94579 San Leandro, CA 94580 San Lorenzo, CA 94502 Alameda, CA 94578 San Leandro, CA 94540 Hayward, CA 94568 Dublin, CA 94539 Fremont, CA 94538 Fremont, CA 94577 San Leandro, CA 94501 Alameda, CA 94544 Hayward, CA 94543 Hayward, CA 94545 Hayward, CA 94601 Oakland, CA 94560 Newark, CA 94542 Hayward, CA 94587 Union City, CA 94586 Sunol, CA 94588 Pleasanton, CA 94541 Hayward, CA 94566 Pleasanton, CA 94705 Berkeley, CA 94706 Albany, CA 94704 Berkeley, CA 94702 Berkeley, CA 94703 Berkeley, CA 94707 Berkeley, CA 94712 Berkeley, CA 94720 Berkeley, CA 94710 Berkeley, CA 94708 Berkeley, CA 94709 Berkeley, CA 94649 Oakland, CA 94662 Emeryville, CA 94661 Oakland, CA 94660 Oakland, CA 94659 Oakland, CA 94624 Oakland, CA 94621 Oakland, CA 94666 Oakland, CA 94701 Berkeley, CA 94623 Oakland, CA 94622 Oakland, CA 94514 Byron, CA 94516 Canyon, CA 94517 Clayton, CA 94572 Rodeo, CA 94570 Moraga, CA 94513 Brentwood, CA 94518 Concord, CA 94564 Pinole, CA 94563 Orinda, CA 94520 Concord, CA 94569 Port Costa, CA  94519 Concord, CA 94565 Pittsburg, CA 94805 Richmond, CA 94509 Antioch, CA 94511 Bethel Island, CA 94505 Discovery Bay, CA 94506 Danville, CA 94507 Alamo, CA 94598 Walnut Creek, CA 94583 San Ramon, CA 94582 San Ramon, CA 94575 Moraga, CA 94597 Walnut Creek, CA 94596 Walnut Creek, CA 94595 Walnut Creek, CA 94529 Concord, CA 94530 El Cerrito, CA 94801 Richmond, CA 94526 Danville, CA 94527 Concord, CA 94528 Diablo, CA 94802 Richmond, CA 94804 Richmond, CA 94548 Knightsen, CA 94549 Lafayette, CA 94803 El Sobrante, CA 94531 Antioch, CA 94547 Hercules, CA 94807 Richmond, CA 94522 Concord, CA 94523 Pleasant Hill, CA 94521 Concord, CA 94561 Oakley, CA 94806 San Pablo, CA 94524 Concord, CA 94553 Martinez, CA 94820 El Sobrante, CA 94850 Richmond, CA 94556 Moraga, CA 94525 Crockett, CA 94808 Richmond, CA

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